Hello? Anyone out there?

OK, I am doing this. I am starting a blog- I’ll be sharing a collection of sentences and paragraphs on how (un)successfully I am fumbling and stumbling through life and this adulting sh*t, while working my way through a list of DIY creative projects that’s longer than the patty line at Tastee’s during lunch time

Why am I doing this? Because too often, I find myself in situations that make me wonder:

Am I the only person going through this?

Am I the only person struggling with this adulting/boyfriending/working AND save money business? Anybody else out there toeing the very fine line of “treat yo self” and “girl wat is you doin?!” from the ominous voice of your looming decreasing bank account or wondering (and waiting) for God to come with SEVERAL neon blinking signs telling you what to do, where to go?

Is there a place I can go, a person I can speak to, a book with a precise, but lengthy table of contents that I can consult on topics like “Get your Money Up – Saving 101” – Page 31, or “Twenty SURE AS HELL SIGNS he is wasting your time sis” – Page 89, YOU ARE WORTHY – Page 22.

Well, this is my ambitious attempt at that, I know I can’t be the only chick out here struggling – so here I share the many lemons life throws at me and my attempts at making some bomb diggity lemonade with them sour ass lemons.

I won’t always get it right, in fact I hardly EVER do, but at the very least I will get it out.

So with that……Welcome to my lemonade stand!